Reading the Word in Sudan

Simon* recently started an Arabic language course at a local institution in Sudan. Almost all of his classmates are Muslims from non-Arabic speaking countries. Since the Qur’an and other Muslim writings should be read in the original Arabic, many choose to learn Arabic in order to understand their religion better.

Simon made it a habit to take his Arabic Bible to class. He often read it quietly during break times and while waiting for teachers who routinely arrived at least 20 minutes late for class. Simon found it encouraging that his classmates often gathered around him as he read his Bible. It was as if they were moths attracted by the light in a dark room!

Recently, between classes, Simon read the stories of Jesus Christ calming the storm and healing the paralytic with classmates Amir*, Abdulla*, and Mohammed*. Mohammed said that the stories could not be true because no mere man has the power that Jesus had in these stories, but Amir and Abdulla seemed to believe the stories were true.

Simon was aware that the spiritual battle for his fellow students’ hearts raged around him. However, he was very encouraged to see how the truth of God’s Word was attracting people to read it.

Praise God for the opportunity that God gave Simon to share the Gospel with his fellow students (The Bible, Deuteronomy 32:3).

Pray for all of Simon’s classmates, including Amir, Abdulla, and Mohammed, to be drawn to Christ by what they read in the Word of God, and for God to lead to Simon those students who are genuinely seeking the Truth (The Bible, Matthew 13:1-9).


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