Reform to Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws?

Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws may finally change! Intercessors have prayed and entered into the spiritual battle, which uses Pakistan’s blasphemy laws to persecute Christian Believers and other religious minorities. Recently, however, Islamist vigilantes, out of personal vendettas, have accused other Muslims of blasphemy, and the accused have often been brutally murdered. Christian rights activists and lawyers believe this violence towards Muslims could be what spurred the government to finally declare reforms. Indeed, high-level officials are calling for amendments to these blasphemy statutes. We celebrate this spiritual victory!

Christians have been tortured and brutally murdered at the hands of those who hate the faith. Believers have celebrated each small gain towards this law’s reform, but Islamist hardliners have prevented any reform. According to Morning Star News, more than 65 people have been murdered over blasphemy allegations since 1990, including lawyers, defendants and judges. “More than 200 people were charged under blasphemy laws in 2015 – many of them minorities such as Christians, who make up 1 percent of Pakistan’s population,” the report continued. Pakistan ranks #4 on the World Watch List of countries with the heaviest persecution of Christians.​


     Prayer Point:

  • PRAISE God that the persecution of innocent people is being recognized and changes to the laws are in motion (The Bible, Proverbs 24:23-25).

  • PRAY that Pakistan’s lawmakers will stand for justice for all Pakistanis and finally see the completion of the necessary reforms to the blasphemy laws (The Bible, Jeremiah 22:3).

  • PRAY that strongholds of Islamist extremism will be broken and rendered powerless (The Bible, Isaiah 29:19-21).

  • PRAY that the Church will multiply in the power of the Spirit despite continued persecution (The Bible, Exodus 1:12)


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