Refugees and migrants returning home

More and more we read of refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East “returning home”. The question is where is home and what does where they are going look like .

In many cases, there is no home anymore. Just rubble. In other places, war is continuing. If somebody goes back from Europe to Libya, you’re basically sent back to a place of exploitation, abuse, suffering and great uncertainty. If you are sent back to Turkey, you end up very much in a “concentration camp” with little freedom and very poor living conditions.

Many refugees want to go home because the “new world” where they now are, is not friendly and in some cases even hostile. They cannot speak the language, and they cannot get proper work or housing.

Muslims that became Christians in the meantime, or people that fled their countries because of persecution, has a bleak future.

There is also a “psychological fatigue” that is setting in over European nations to provide financial help and to continue to receive refugees and migrants. Antagonism is rising.


  • For political solutions. In the end, there must come political stability in the nations from where people are fleeing. Otherwise, they will be forced to continue to flee.
  • Pray for the church to continue to reach out to the (even more) vulnerable people that are repatriated to their own countries.

Pray for Christians and especially new Muslim Background Believers to stand firm when they arrive home and to grow spiritually. 


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