Refugees Freezing to Death Across Europe.

The terrible situation faced by refugees seeking sanctuary in Europe has been laid bare by Christian Aid, a relief organistion workiong amongst refugees. The organstion says that refugees in Greece and Bulgaria are in a desperate situation.

According to Christian Aid, “earlier today it was reported that two Iraqi men have died in Bulgaria after walking through the snow for 48 hours without access to food or water. In Greece, where temperatures have reached minus 14⁰C, an Afghan refugee has also died.”

It’s a major concern in Serbia as well, where temperatures have plummeted to as low as minus 30 Celcius.

Marija Vranesevic, from Philanthropy, a Christian Aid partner organisation in Serbia, said: “Refugees are being exposed to life-threatening conditions because of the extremely cold weather we are currently experiencing. They are also at risk of disease, as well as a flu epidemic.”

While the flow of refugees and migrants has slowed since its peak in 2015, there are still large numbers of displaced people trying to make their way from the Middle East and North Africa. Many are now living in European countries, often without access to services and facilities, and many are living in makeshift camps with little or no shelter from the elements.

A Christian Aid spokesperson said: “It’s wholly unacceptable that refugees are freezing to death, while European leaders turn a blind eye to the suffering of people on their doorsteps.”

  • Pray for the ongoing refugee situation across Europe, which, whilst it has largely disappeared from mainstream media, is far from being resolved.
  • Pray for refugees across Europe this winter, facing extreme cold with little shelter.
  • Pray for leaders across the world to have compassion for these refugees and open up their countries to them. Pray that the recent terror attacks in Europe, and threats in other countries, will not close off the doors to safety to those who desperately need them.
  • Pray for the Christian organisations working with refugees, including partners with Interserve. Pray for compassion and strength as they work in difficult conditions, and that the love of Jesus will flow through them to touch the lives of these desperate people. Pray that many refugees will find hope and healing through the Gospel.

Proverbs 31 vs 8: “Speak out for those who cannot speak, for the rights of all the destitute.”


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