Respect for truth in Pakistan

Underlying a number of issues in Pakistan is a subtle disregard for the truth. Truth is not regarded highly in society and therefore dishonesty is common.

A disregard for truth feeds corruption, and corruption is behind a number of Pakistan’s ills. Corruption contributes to the poor education system, poor health care system, poor governance, and poor infrastructure. All of these contribute to making life such a struggle for so many millions of people.]The need to show respect to others and the desire to be respected, means that people will say things for the sake of respect, rather than on the basis of whether its true or not. Someone will say what they think the other person wants to hear, regardless of whether it is true or not.

People don’t always act on what they say – when they said it, they had no intention of acting on it. Or they will say one thing and do another. The outcome is distrust, doubt, disappointment and frustration – the daily life experience of many in Pakistan.

A lack of respect for the truth can also discourage people from looking outside of Islam. The issue is not whether something is true or not. Individuals therefore may not seek out the truth. Also, religious leaders often actively discourage people from questioning their own beliefs and from pursuing truth elsewhere.

Pray for a respect for the truth. Pray that as the gospel goes out in Pakistan it will be recognized as the Truth and that people will respond. Changed people will lead to a changed society, where life is less of a struggle.

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