Saudi Arabia: New ban to protect women

Countless stories of abuse of expatriate nannies and migrant workers have been coming out of Saudi Arabia. People everywhere were horrified by the heart-wrenching account of the execution of a migrant worker from Sri Lanka earlier this year. However what remained largely untold were the stories of women abused within their homes.

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia launched a new advertisement campaign against domestic abuse. The advertisement showed a Saudi woman in a typical veil. Visible in spite of her veil was a black eye. The caption under the startling photo read: “Some things can’t be covered; Fighting women’s abuse together.”

In August, for the first time in the kingdom’s history, Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet passed a ban on domestic violence and other forms of abuse against women. Saudi nationals and expatriates have welcomed this new measure that outlaws various types of abuse, including abuse at the workplace. The measure makes provision for penal action against perpetrators of violence against women.

Many prominent human rights activists believe that this ban would be a powerful deterrent against domestic violence. According to Ministry of Social Affairs sources, violators could face prison terms of anywhere between a month to one year or fines ranging between SR5,000 (about $1,300 USD) and SR50,000 (about $13,000 USD) or both.

According to Reuters, “The law gives those who report abuse the right to remain anonymous, as well as immunity from litigation should abuse fail to be proven in a court. It also urges witnesses to report abuse without having to disclose their identity.”

Praise God for this new ban that will greatly help alleviate the suffering of women in abusive domestic settings (The Bible, Psalm 82:3).

Ask God for a proper dispensation of the law, so women will be protected against violence and abuse (The Bible, Psalm 5:11).

Pray that men and women in Saudi Arabia will be protected against harm and danger (The Bible, Psalm 4:8).

Pray that Christian Believers will share the love of God with those who are battered and bruised.  Pray He will heal the broken-hearted (The Bible, Psalm 147:3).


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