Saudi Arabia

The King Fahd Complex of Printing the Holy Quran (KFCPHQ) produces and distributes 286 million copies of the Islamic holy book. Situated in Medina, Saudi Arabia, and founded by King Fahd, the previous King, in October 1984, this publishing house supplies the Quran in Arabic not only to the world’s largest mosques, but also to embassies, universities, and schools around the world.

KFCPHQ comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and is the largest Islamic publishing house in the world. It can produce 30 million copies of the Quran each year. With the inception of the publishing house, King Fahd aimed to share the Quran with a very wide audience. KFCPHQ also produces audiotapes and CDs, and has even developed an Android voice platform for the teaching of the Quran.

KFCPHQ distributed 9.55 million copies of the Quran and various publications related to the Islamic holy book in 2013. These included 6.85 million copies of the full text of the Quran, 1.68 million juza (extract from the Quran), over 11,000 recitation recordings over 360,000 copies of books related to the Quran, and almost 647,000 translations of the Islamic holy book into 59 languages.

Pray that Muslims reading the Quran will not be satisfied and will seek to find the words of life found in the Bible, the Word of the Living God (The Bible, Psalm 146:8).

Pray for the production and distribution of Bibles and Christian literature in Saudi Arabia (The Bible,Isaiah 52:7).

Pray that Saudi Arabia becomes a country from where the Good News of Jesus Christ will flow out into the Arab world (The Bible, Matthew 9:37-38).

Pray that Christian Believers and Christian workers in Saudi Arabia will share the Gospel of Jesus with renewed vigor and passion (The Bible, John 10:16).


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