Seeking employment in the city: and opportunity for the Gospel?

Some of the poorest provinces are found to the north of the centre of Vietnam. There is little that engenders hope in the people of these regions. There is high unemployment, with few prospects, so many live without a secure wage. This causes the drift to the city.

In HCMC, a tightly-knit group of people from the province of Thanh Hoa live close together in poor dwellings. They work in various occupations on the street such as shoe shining and selling lottery tickets, newspapers, paintings or paperbacks. Although these occupations have no guarantees, these workers desire the independence and look to the jackpots of chance encounters with generous clients and indulgent tourists.

It is 40 hours from their homeland by bus, but nevertheless the community in HCMC remains connected. It is said that the very old and the very young remain in the province while the working population moves out to find work. Because of this, a portion of the money which is earned in HCMC is channeled back home to the families.

This small sub group in Ho Chi Minh city stick together and maintain strong links with the home community in Thanh Hoa

How could the Gospel of Jesus enter this community? Could the Good News spread through these networks in HCMC all the way back to Thanh Hoa?

Pray that God will send out harvesters to seek them out and work out the best way of explaining the gospel to this displaced community.


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