Serving the needs of the Church: TEE Consultation

There are many tools that are used by the Church to help disciple its people and grow mature disciples and leaders. TEE, or Theological Education by Extension, is one of those. Starting on March 11 there is an important consultation on curriculum development that is bringing together TEE leaders from around the world. Here is a prayer request from the consultation:


A ‘Big Picture’ Consultation, Monday March 11 – Thursday March 14, 2013

A consultation for key leaders of Asian TEE programs to share their experience of training program development

TEE is ‘Theological Education by Extension’, a tool for churches to equip and empower their people to serve Christ in the context of their churches and communities. Indigenous TEE programs are already providing appropriate, accessible, affordable training in most countries of Asia.  Probably nearly 100,000 adult believers across Asia are being trained through TEE at this time. TEE works through church-based learning groups rather than residential institutions.

For the first time, representatives from TEE programmes in Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Korea, Cambodia, and Nepal will meet together to share their experience of building training packages – curricula – to equip God’s people for active service, in all walks of life.

The aims of the consultation are for the participants to:

* understand and clarify best practice in curriculum development using case studies

* explore how training packages (curricula) at different levels can equip all church members

* gain exposure to the whole range of TEE training opportunities across Asia

* prepare plans for further curriculum development in their own programs 

We hope that this Consultation will generate materials which can be used as video resources or published as papers or a manual for best practice in curriculum development.


The message will be closed after 20 s