Social media: a tool for the good news

Imagine running a daily show of the JF Magdalena movie for a month, and 90 different people turning up each day. This was what happened in this campaign. Nearly 3000 people chose to watch & finish the movie of their own free will! This online campaign targeted 4 countries in which we couldn’t hold a public show of the movie. It ended with people watching from more than 60 countries.


“Thank you so much for the film of Mariam the Magdalena. We watched it all together, around 45 people in one house. The Arabic translation was very simple and we could understand it as most of us are not well educated.

“Among the attendees, there were two families who were suffering from a conflict over a year! After we watched the movie, these two families decided to resolve the conflict and invited all of us for dinner. It was a great time of reconciliation and the joy was spread all over the village. Thank you very much for what you are doing.” – viewer from Cairo.

The creative use of social media is reaching out to many and provides a new avenue to connect people to the story of Jesus. Pray for those who are connecting to faith through the social media, may God use every means to bring others into his kingdom.


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