Sudan: Ethnic strife in the Nuba Mountains

While the Nuba peoples continue to cope with government warplanes bombing communities on a daily basis by hiding in caves, the government’s forced denial of humanitarian aid to areas underneath the control of the SPLM-N has impacted virtually every community in the Nuba Mountains. Coupled with this denial of humanitarian relief, government bombings, troop movements, and mining of roads has further exacerbated the situation by preventing people from gaining access to resources and needed security to cultivate their land. Because of these reasons, trade is severely limited in most areas and independent humanitarian operations, which exist despite the blockade, are threatened.

In Kao-Nyaro alone, for over three years communities and surging numbers of IDPs have struggled to survive. People have resorted to coping mechanisms such as hunting, foraging, reducing meals, and selling livestock. This has resulted in a lack of needed nutrients, additional time and energy wasted on excessive movement in search of food, and a dwindling of natural resources. Leaves and roots have become primary sources of food. Death from opportunistic diseases is a major risk especially among infants, youth and seniors. Many are without access to clean water.

  • Over 3,000 refugees from the Kao-Nyaro region of Sudan’s Nuba Mountains who have fled to Kodok, South Sudan over the past three years remain unreached by humanitarian relief.
  • The refugee camp at Kodok will continue growing as food insecurity deteriorates in Kao-Nyaro, Sudan and as violence in South Sudan threatens the local population.
  • Sudanese refugees at Kodok have not had sustainable food resources for some time and are eating grass and roots to survive.
  • A lack of access to clean water, latrines, basic vaccinations, and other health services raises the risks of preventable disease outbreaks.
  • A lack of education services is threatening to leave an entire generation behind.
  • Due to the international community’s failure to address the humanitarian situation in the Nuba Mountains, independent NGOs operating in the area are overwhelmed by growing needs and a lack of resources.

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