Sudan: Meriam Yahia Ibrahim

We have prayed for Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a Sudanese believer from a Muslim background, who was sentenced to death on 15th May for apostasy.

An Appeals Court has overturned the decision on 23rd June. Meriam was released that afternoon. Together with her two young children, she been reunited with her husband, Daniel.

Recall that Meriam was arrested on 17th February and charged on 4th March with apostasy and adultery. She was sentence to death for apostasy and to 100 lashes for adultery (the government does not recognise the couple’s marriage, because a woman who is considered a Muslim cannot marry a Christian). These sentences were confirmed on 15th May when Meriam refused to recant her Christian faith. Her lawyers then submitted an appeal.

The Appeals Court overturned the conviction on procedural grounds, on the basis that the prosecution provided insufficient evidence to prove the claims against Meriam and that the defence had not been given adequate opportunity to cross-examine witnesses or provide their own witnesses.

The couple’s young son, Martin, was with Meriam throughout her time in prison, and their daughter, Maya, was born in the prison medical centre on 27th May.

Christians supporting this family rejoice that Meriam, Martin and Maya have been freed from prison. They request our continued prayer that:
a. Meriam, Daniel, Martin and Maya will know the peace, presence and healing of Jesus as they adjust to family life together
b. They will know the Spirit’s guiding wisdom, especially as they consider a possible move away from Sudan
c. Christians across Sudan, and especially those from Muslim backgrounds, will know the Father’s protection as they live for him, and be strengthened to live without fear
d. All officials involved will love mercy, act justly, learn about Jesus and choose to follow Him.

Let’s pray also for Meriam’s protection, as there will be those who do not wish to see her free, and who still consider her an apostate.

Source: Middle East Concern

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