Sudan Pastors Released

Middle East Concern and International Christian Concern are, today, reporting the acquittal of the two Sudanese pastors, for whom we prayed yesterday.

egypt-12_nfblIn the hearing for the case yesterday, the judge ruled in favour of Pastor Michael Yat (49) and Pastor Peter Yen Reith (36) on all but a few of the charges against them.

According to sources present at the hearing in Khartoum, the presiding judge convicted the pastors of “organizing terrorist organizations” and “breaching the peace,” but said, “the sentence they served in prison is enough, release them immediately.”

A source close to the pastors who spoke with them following the hearing said, “Both pastors are incredibly grateful for all of the hard work and prayers. They could feel the prayers and knew that God was with them”

  • Give thanks for the release of the two Pastors, for prayers answered and for justice seen to be done.
  • Pray for these men as they reunite with their families and churches. Pray for healing, renewing of strength and protection as they adjust to life after prison.
  • Pray for church leaders in Sudan, for wisdom and a strong faith with the increasing pressure against them.
  • Pray for Sudan, for many to come to know Jesus and His saving grace and life.

Psalm 65 vs 2: “You who answer prayer, to you all people will come.”

Source: Middle East Concern –,



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