Sudanese refugees in Egypt

There are several million Sudanese refugees in Egypt. AWEMA is ministering among two specific tribes that fled Sudan because of war. It is common to find two families, each with 5-7 members, who are staying in one apartment of 2 rooms with no home facilities. They live in dire poverty.

There are outreaches to those two groups. There is to some extend an openness that one can share the gospel with them and pray with them.

Most of the young men and women don’t go to church meetings and they have poor knowledge about Jesus. During the prayer time for their lands, they often humble themselves before God and eagerly pray for the war in Sudan to stop.


  • For the salvation of these people and for leaders to emerge to serve these people.
  • For them to find suitable work so that they can care for the families.
  • For the children to get some basic education.


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