Sudan’s Christian Population Growing

Sudan’s Christian population is rising! Persecution of Christians has indeed intensified in the Islamic nation of Sudan. The southern part of Sudan succeeded in 2011, becoming the 10/40 Window’s only Christian nation – South Sudan. However, many Christian Believers who fled the country during its split with South Sudan have returned, and more continue to return. Muslim students are becoming Christians as they learn about Jesus in school. Prayer centers that were closed in 2011 are open again.

Sudan’s persecution of Christianity is reported as coming mostly from the government. The Islamic nation, ranking fifth on Open Doors World Watch List of countries with the most persecution, has shuttered numerous churches and arrested pastors. A police officer accused five church leaders of refusing an order to stop worship services on 22 October. However, the officer failed to attend court hearings last month, “casting doubt” on the legitimacy of the charges. The case could be dismissed since the accuser was not present.

  • PRAISE GOD for rebuilding His Church with new and returning Christian Believers (The Bible, Acts 16:5).

  • PRAY for the returning Christians as they heal from regional conflicts they fled and then as they disciple Muslim Background Believers in a persecuting country (The Bible, Acts 11:25-26).

  • PRAY that the Sudanese government will cease the demolition of churches and the arrest of pastors. Pray that the Christians’ words and actions will turn their hearts of officials (The Bible, John 13:35).

  • PRAY that the courts rule favorably in all cases for religious freedom (The Bible, Leviticus 19:15).



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