Sunday School teacher dies saving children from Indonesian earthquake

A young Sunday School teacher gave her own life to save the children she was teaching from the deadly earthquake which hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on 28 September.

Flo Renshy was teaching a class at a church in the city of Palu when the earthquake struck. She used her own body to prevent a wall from falling on her pupils. The children were rushed out of the room to safety, but she died in the earthquake.

A total of 1,763 people are now thought to have been killed by the earthquake and tsunami, while tens of thousands of homes and at least 84 church buildings have been damaged or destroyed.

Churches left standing in Palu were reportedly packed with worshippers on Sunday. A 49-year-old Christian teacher who travelled into Palu to attend a service told journalists, “I’m here at this particular church because my own church is no more; it’s levelled”.


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