Syria: praying for the children affected by war

The United Nations has released a report assessing the impact of the nearly three-year war in Syria on children. U.N. investigators found that all parties in the conflict had committed “grave violations against children” and that at least 10,000 children had been killed between March 2011 and November 2013. According to the report, children have been tortured and raped in government detention, used as human shields, and recruited to fight with the opposition.

Many are displaced as they and their families flee the violence that is being perpetrated by both sides of this conflict. Many are living in refugee camps in different countries, with little access to the basics of life. In addition, many are being robbed of the opportunity for education. Recent cold spells in the Middle East have seen thousands of children fall ill with infections.

The cost of this war for future generations is huge. Once again, we need to cry, Lord have mercy. Pray for children and the future of their lives. Oh that we would not build a generation who lack hope and are embittered by the brokenness of their world.

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