Syrian refugee crisis

The refugee crisis for Syria has reached proportions that the United Nations is likening to the time of the Rawanda genocide. Estimates suggest that at least one-sixth of the population is now displaced inside of the country, that is more than 4.25 million. The New York Times, suggests that more than 2 million have fled the country.

Some are finding their way to neighbouring countries, others are seeking to make their way to Europe. Lebanon’s population has grown by some 20% because of the influx of refugees. Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Northern Iraq are all becoming home to displaced Syrians.

The constant sounds of war, the destruction that confronts on the streets everyday, and the economic hardships of life are creating deep pain and trauma for those who are yet to flee.

This nation needs prayer that God would have mercy.

At the same time, there is a new hunger for God and truth and hope, and this is opening the door for ministry in a new way. Pray for those who are seeking to minister to real practical physical needs, and ask for God to show himself in the midst of pain and trauma.

What are the forces of evil bent on destruction that we should be praying into? Seek God for those strongholds. What is God doing that we need to be speaking out into the heavenly places and proclaiming his Lordship over? Wait for God to speak to you.

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