Syrian Refugees in Egypt

Egypt is host to an estimated 140,000 Syrian refugees, 47,000 of whom have registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The UNHCR anticipates 100,000 Syrians to register in Egypt by the end of 2013. Refugees arrive in Egypt traumatized and with limited resources. Although Syri- ans are permitted access to national education, health care, and work in the legal sector, Egypt does not have the infrastructure or capacity to meet their needs.

In partnership with the UNHCR, one Christian ministry is providing the following medical services for Syrian refugees of UNHCR concern: comprehensive antenatal care, malnutrition clinics, and health monitoring for children under five. They hope to extend our services to those without refugee status. This year, almost 1000 consultations for Syrians have accessed quality medical care at this ministry, with hundreds more benefitting from regular health education seminars.

Please pray for Syria, the refugees and for Christian ministries reaching out to these refugees.

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