Syria’s darkest hour

Syria is in desperate need of help and prayer. It is crucial that Christians around the world extend our assistance to Syria now. The refugee crisis is at an unprecedented level. Furthermore, an Islamic group which is establishing Sharia Law has broadcast on Twitter the cutting off of a Muslim man’s hand for stealing.

According to US Aid, more than nine million Syrians urgently need humanitarian aid. It is reported that young people are paying the heaviest price. Click here to see a tragic photo of a bleak scene of men, women and children stretching as far as the eye can see. They queue in their thousands for food in Syria’s desolate Yarmouk refugee camp.  And this is a heartrending 60-second BBC video of Syria’s humanitarian catastrophe.

March 15, 2014 marked the three-year anniversary of the civil war. The suffering and devastation are incomprehensible. More than 100,000 people have been killed. Every hour more than 300 people flee their homes in fear. These are men, women and children created in God’s image and for whom Christ died. UK Christian aid organization Tearfund says: “We can help by our prayers and compassionate giving. Even in the darkest places, we know that God can shine the light of His love and hope.”

Syria’s ancient Christian communities especially urgently need our support and prayer.  The Times of Israel reported that the city of Raqqa was captured last March by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a radical rebel group trying to establish Sharia Law in Syria. Last month Christians were given three options: to convert to Islam; to remain Christian but pledge submission to Islam, or to ‘face the sword.’

The Christians opted for the second of those choices, known as “dhimma”, an Islamic legal precept common in Islamic states centuries ago. They must now pay a tax in gold, and refrain from public displays of their faith, in return for protection.

They can no longer repair church buildings, display religious symbols outside churches, pray in public, ring church bells, sell wine to Muslims, or drink wine in public. Nor can they own weapons.

We can help by our prayers and compassionate giving. Even in the darkest places, we know that God can shine the light of His love and hope

Pray for God to deliver Syria (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 1:10-11).

Pray for Syria’s 5.5 million children to experience a brighter future (The Bible, Luke 18:15-17).

Pray for the country’s leaders on both sides to relent and seek peace (The Bible, Psalms 34:14).

Pray for the country’s enormous humanitarian needs (The Bible, James 2:5).


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