Tajikistan: Unmarried women without a future

Poverty and lack of jobs is forcing nearly a million men to migrate to Russia in search of work each year. The Central Asian nation’s economy relies heavily on the money they send home. However, their absence is leaving many women at a loss in terms of finding a partner. 80% of men between the ages of 18 and 25 are said to work out of the country.

Some men will return for the marriage and then go back to their work in Russia. For those left behind their life can be very difficult.

Poverty and a lack of jobs forces many to leave the country. This is challenging the values of the society. Traditional family structures are breaking down, and many divorces are the result of long distance marriages.

The real challenges of poverty and unemployment need to be tackled in order to bring change to this deteriorating situation in the country.

Pray for the Tajikistan government to tackle this deeply challenging need; for women who are victims of divorce as a result of the separation of husbands working out of countries; pray for women who have limited marriage prospects now that so many young men are leaving the country; pray for God to come and bring light into this darkness.

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