Tajiks of Afghanistan

Pray for leadership development among Afghan-Tajik believers. After many years of faithful witness to Afghan-Tajiks, some have come to faith. Pray for leaders to be indentified and trained who will be able to gather fellow Afghans into house-churches. Barrriers to the growth and multiplication of house-churches are fear, illiteracy, persecution.

Pray for a radio program broadcast in the language of Afghan-Tajiks. It enourages believers in remote places to meet in their homes, and listen to a radio “service” which serves as a model for their own meetings. Pray for many believers to listen to this program and follow this model. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence and power to be evident to those who gather to worship in their homes. Pray for the couple leading the broadcast.

Pray for followers of Jesus who already speak the Persian/Dari language to be called and sent out among Afghan-Tajiks. Because of recent events, westerners in general, and Americans in particular, are disadvantaged as ministers of the Gospel to Afghan-Tajiks. In the past the Lord has used the witness of Christians from closely related cultures to minister powerfully among unreached peoples.

Source: http://centralasia.imb.org/pray/tajiks.html

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