That they shall hear the good news: Reaching the deaf in China

Officially there are 21 million deaf people in China. Over the past 10 years or so, deaf Pastors from other Asian nations have planted deaf churches in a few cities in China. But the majority of deaf people in China remain unreached today, as in most cities and towns the deaf only have access to hearing churches. This means that they cannot follow what is being taught or actively join in prayer, worship, etc, as no interpreter is available to communicate with them through sign.

‘Michael’, a deaf student, attended a deaf fellowship near his college for hearing impaired for 2 years. He was baptised a hear ago, and when his parents found out about this they tried to stop him from attending the deaf fellowship. He is keen to grow in his faith but still struggles to understand the Bible. LIke many deaf people, ‘Michael’ finds reading to be difficult and prefers to communicate in sign. Next year he will graduate and return to his hometown. As far as he knows there is no deaf fellowship there.

‘Tom’ another deaf student, has also been coming to the same deaf fellowship as Michael for 2 years and was baptised a year ago. Tom loves the worship time and often leads. His enthusiasm for Jesus shines through both his face and his hands. Next year Tom will graduate and go back to his hometown. As far as he knows, there is no deaf fellowship there. But God has given him a burden to start one so that other deaf may hear the good news too.

Pray for the deaf in China to hear the good news, be formed into fellowships that nurture and for resources to help in sharing the good news.

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