The Church in Egypt

A message from Church leaders in Egypt:

June 23rd is the Day of Pentecost in the Eastern Orthodox church, and accordingly Coptic Christians in Egypt, as well as evangelicals, consider this a very special day remembering the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the early Church.

The work of the Lord during this pivotal time in Egypt’s history is heavy on our hearts as a church. For this reason, the leaders of one of the main evangelical churches are dedicating ten days from June 14 through June 23 to gather daily for prayer from 7-9:30pm to seek God’s presence and the outpouring of His Spirit on the Church in Egypt. Please join us in praying with faith, hope and expectancy of a great work of the Lord in Egypt, both in the Church and without.

At the same time, June 30 is the one year anniversary since President Morsi’s inauguration as president of Egypt. All anti M Brother*hood movements have decided to protest and hold multiple demonstrations starting June 28th til June 30 and tension is growing.

The main reasons for the planned demonstrations are:

  • The great failure of the government to provide security and safety for the Egyptian people and economic stability.
  • The president’s anti-democratic actions
  • Increasing disappointment and anger in the Egyptian public. An increasingly popular movement call “Rebel” was started recently. They gathered around 12 million signatures demanding early presidential elections. The number of signatures is increasing every day and is expected to reach 15 million very soon.

Please pray with us throughout this month. Pray for peaceful, nonviolent demonstrations and for the will of God to be done in our country.

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