The Church in Vietnam

67 of the 113 people groups in Vietnam are still considered “unreached” by data on the Joshua Project site. A new governmental decree detailing registration requirements has been issued which would further restrict the ability of the existing churches to function. Please join in praying with our sisters and brothers in Vietnam per this letter from the Vietnamese Evangelical Fellowship below.

Dear Fellow Christians –

The implementation of this decree [affecting the church in Vietnam] will cause many inconveniences and hardships for church activities, and at the same time render illegal all house churches which already came into being 25 years ago. The articles in the decree also provide local officials with legal means by which they can hinder the worship of God and other activities in local congregations.

With the approval of all the pastors and leaders of the Vietnamese Evangelical Fellowship
of Vietnam, we announce a call to all pastors, evangelists and Christians to set aside three
days of this month, January 29, 30 and 31, for a time of fasting and prayer around the
following concerns.:

1. Ask that the Almighty God would continue to protect and vindicate the Church (Acts.
2. Ask that God would protect believers in all local areas and that they would faithfully
gather to worship the Lord and stand firm in all circumstances (Acts. 5:41-42).
3. Ask that God would grant the leaders of our Vietnamese nation to recognize the many
benefits that the churches contribute to society (I Timothy 2:1,2)
4. Ask God to raise up a devout generation and to visit his church so that we would fulfill
our calling of being the “salt of the earth” and “the light of the world”. (Matthew 5: 13.14)

May the Triune God give His peace to you all.

Respectfully, on behalf of the VEF Leadership Committee
signed . . .
Rev. Pham Dinh Nhan

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