The Gospel is Spreading in the Middle East

As he serves the persecuted church in the Middle East, a front-line worker known to Voice of Matyrs is seeing the gospel spread and change lives. In his own village, and among the Syrian and Iraqi refugees his church has visited, people are coming to Christ as believers live out their faith.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“We have new people in our home groups and it’s an opportunity for them to hear the good news,” the worker said.

“ … We also will go to the streets on daily basis during the breakfast time in the month of Ramadan and will share the love of Christ with Muslim people directly.”

As part of its outreach ministry, the worker’s church recently visited three villages, providing food to Iraqi and Syrian refugees.

“During one of the visits, we met a mother who was so excited to take the Bible,” the front-line worker said. “For some reason, they heard about the miracles of the Lord Jesus and wanted to read it.”

In the second village, the group met with Syrian refugees.

“One of the Syrian refugee ladies was crying with deep sorrow because of the lack of interest in their people,” he said. “Her family of eight people can’t feed their children. They have difficult living conditions. They live in two bedrooms and don’t have financial support.”

“We prayed with them in the name of Jesus Christ, they … asked for us to visit them again,” he said.

In the third village, the group visited 10 more families.

“We met a man who asked about the character of Christ and why Christians believe he is the Son of God,” he said. “We had a fantastic time explaining and sharing our faith with him and his wife. They listened carefully to know more and urgently requested a Bible to start reading.”

  • Give thanks for the faithfulness of Middle East believers, who, themselves, often face persecution. Give thanks for their compassion for Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and the many opportunities they have to share their faith.
  • Give thanks for the open hearts and the seeds of the Gospel that are being sown in many lives. Pray for the seeds to grow to maturity and for the continues spread of the Gospel amongst the refugee communities.
  • Pray for the Church in the Middle East as it faces the threat of ISIS. Pray for believers to be strengthened in their faith and trust in the God who loves them and walks with them.

Colossians 4 vs 3: “At the same time pray for us as well that God will open to us a door for the word, that we may declare the mystery of Christ …”




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