The Heart-break of Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is a growing and major problem in many developing countries. The following blog is a longer than usual post, but so important, so that we can be praying and lifting these precious little ones before the Father’s throne, the Father whose heart also breaks to see them broken, and longs to love them and heal them through His Spirit.

The blog was written by a worker with an organisation focussed specifically on rescuing and rehabilitating these beautiful, damaged children. It makes heart breaking reading, but may it also fuel our prayers for healing for the children, strength and compassion for those who work with them and for an end to this horrific practice.

“It’s usually evening when we arrive at the Round Home, carrying a child, who has just come from an intervention by authorities. It is a heartbreaking sight to watch the child, especially a very young child, sometimes a toddler, slowly walk down the bush-lined path toward the round shelter. Every child who walks down this path has a chilling story. The walk is actually a graduation march from a brief but tortured life, into safety and love.

I look at the young stranger with mixed emotions.  There is the sense of responsibility and compassion for this little human being whose survival and restoration now largely depend on us. There is anger at the depraved adults who took advantage of the child’s vulnerability and derived sick pleasure from the use and abuse of the child’s body and mind.  There is the sense of revolt against a system that perpetuates extreme poverty, which forces starving families to peddle their children as a means to obtain food.

There is also awe at the child’s ability to survive. I invite the child, “Come, let me give you a hug,” and in my mind, “I want to hug you because I admire you for having survived all the different kinds of pain in your young life, because you are a treasured piece of humanity, and because I’m honoured to now be in a position to help you and love you with a love that hopefully could heal the pain and help you to grow and become what you were meant to be.” And at the precious moment of embrace, I cry inside; my heart is breaking again. There is jubilation every time a child is welcomed to the Round Home. There is also sadness about what it means.

Each day is a revelation. The toddler who cannot yet speak reveals in actions the horrors that she has gone through … No words of comfort, reassurance, or affirmation can get through to this child. You cannot say anything that she would understand. You can only love her. You can only talk, live and breathe love for her.

You can also hope. We have done this before. Someday, as other girls have, I know that she will also walk up the bush-lined path once again, this time saying goodbye and restored and empowered to carve out for herself a normal life outside. I know that this once-wounded bird will have healed wings and soar to heights she was meant to reach.”

Isaiah 58 vs 6: “Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of injustice, to undo the thongs of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?


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