The Middle East Matters

Tony Blair believes that what is presently happening in the MIddle East represents the biggest threat to global security of the early 21st C. The region, including the wider area outside its conventional boundary – Pakistan, Afghanistan to the east and North Africa to the west – is in turmoil with no end in sight to the upheaval and any number of potential outcomes from the mildly optimistic to catastrophe.

While some of his reasoning for why it matters, including the energy needs of the world, or the big energy consumers, may not be honorable, there is truth in the statement that it matters. It matters because the future of Islam is being decided in this region. It matters, because future relationships between Muslims and Christians are being defined by events in this region. It matters because this region was the birthplace of Christianity. It matters because the penetration of the message of the gospel is still needed. It matters because God is at work and building his church there, fulfilling the word of scripture.

You can read his full article here. Invite God to illumine your understanding so that you can pray for this region and its people, for the building of the church, the faith of Christians and the work of God. Blair’s speech provides one perspective, but the story is much bigger because God is at work.

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