The miracle of new life

The founder of Hezbollah in Iran and Lebanon, Daniel Shayesteh, gave up his hatred and turned to Christ after meeting Christians, he told Good News newspaper, a UK Christian publication.

As well as co-founding Hezbollah, Dr. Shayestah helped overthrow the Shah of Iran in 1979 and was a leader in Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime. But despite being committed to the destruction of Israel and America, he lost his hatred when he found the same love as the Christians he considered his enemies, Dr. Shayesteh told the newspaper.

After things went wrong with Khomeini, Dr. Shayesteh fled to Turkey where he found Christians whose generosity and warmth overwhelmed him. He visited a Christian church in Istanbul while looking for his former business partner. The warmth and helpfulness of the Christians amazed Dr. Shayestah. He then had a dream in which a light appeared saying He was Jesus. Dr. Shayesteh began to read the New Testament and shortly afterwards gave his life to Christ.

Two and a half months later, his wife, seeing the change in Dr. Shayesteh’s treatment of her, gave her life to after a dream.

Dr. Shayesteh, who now lives in Australia, says, “If you do not know about the values of Jesus Christ, please, as soon as possible, start to read the gospels in the New Testament. He is so good. He is so beautiful.”

Praise God for Dr. Shayesteh turning to Christ. Pray that his testimony will have an impact on many Iranians and other Muslims (The Bible, 1 Corinthians 1:6).

Pray that many more Iranian Muslims around the world will find Jesus Christ through dreams and visions (The Bible, Acts 2:17).

Pray for other leaders of organizations opposed to Christ to come to faith: Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood

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