The painful reality of a revolution unfinished

The revolution in Egypt is unfinished. The protestors have returned to Tahrir Square, and are positioned around the Presidential palace in Heliopolis. Some of those protesting say they did not wage the January 25th revolution to end up with a different form of dictatorship. Others have seen so little change that they wonder what really happened two years ago.

As the protests continue there is a new form of struggle, women are being abused as they seek to participate in the struggle for change. Incidents of sexual violence against women are on the rise and fear is growing. Is this just a part of the general breakdown of society as the police are not fully back on the streets? Or is something more behind it all. Some would claim that this is a systematic approach by those who want the rule of a fundamental practice of Islam, that it is intimidation. If you abuse the women the men become afraid and will not want to come out.

Listen to this BBC broadcast describing the plight of women in Tahrir Square this year.

In this revolution, as in so many, the marginalised are becoming more marginalised. Let’s pray for those women whose lives have been changed by the experience of sexual violence, pray that God would come and heal them. Pray for those whose lives have so little meaning at the moment that they pace no value on themselves or the women they are abusing. Pray for justice and righteousness in the struggle for freedom and new hope.

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