The power of God to break the hold of evil spirits in Bhutan

Buddhism is not just a religion in Bhutan, it is a “way of life” and at least 75 percent of the people of Bhutan are Buddhists. The official religion is Drukpa Kaygu, closely related to Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhists believe there is no God and no soul. They teach that the only way to attain peace is by emptying oneself of all human desires, which they believe cause all suffering. They believe the consequences for deeds of the present life, good or bad, will be carried over into the next life in a constant cycle of reincarnation. Many make offerings and pray to Buddha and other saints, hoping that their good works will earn enough merit to better their lives in their next reincarnation. Most Bhutanese believe they must live many more lives to escape the cycle of reincarnation, which fosters a sense of hopelessness and resignation – in spite of the national reputation.

The Buddhists in Bhutan worship evil spirits. They believe in evil gods who, as told in myths, were convinced to use their evil powers to protect the people, but the people must give offerings in return. In the Buddhist temples you see large statues of Buddha, but also statues or separate areas devoted to the local evil deities. Pray that Bhutanese Buddhists will see evil for what it is. Ask God to grant them faith in His power so that they no longer have to fear the evil spirits, but can rebuke them in the power of Jesus’ name.


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