The uncounted cost of migrant workers: Left behind children in China

In China there are over 83 million ‘left-behind’ children’. They are the children of adult migrant workers who have left the countryside to seek jobs in China’s booming cities, and who have chosen to leave their own children behind in the process – to be raised by one parent, by grandparents, by other caregivers, or even by themselves. Inevitably, many of these left-behind children think that their parents don’t love them. Resulting problems are often significant. The children suffer emotionally, socially, spiritually, and academically.

Children from one rural primary school say”

‘Without my parents the world has lost its colour.’

‘I wish I could have more of my father’s love … my mother’s love.’

‘If I work hard at home maybe my father will come back soon.’

More than 50% have psychological problems. They find it difficult to:

  • concentrate in the class
  • finish their homework without help
  • build self confidence
  • stay in touch with their parents

Pray for:

  • Adults around them to learn to love and care for them
  • Teachers in China to be equipped to handle this growing problem
  • Healing for children and for protection of their self-esteem
  • Local churches and believers to recognise and embrace the life-giving role that they can play in bringing hope and a future to these divided families
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