Three Christian Workers Missing in Middle East.

According to reports from Bibles For Mideast, three Christians working with their organisation have disappeared, following their release from a hospital where they were treated for injuries from an attack from “Muslim extremists,”.
Bible Class Recordings
Bibles for Mideast delivers Bibles to underground house churches at various locations in 17 countries in the Middle East, a region entirely dominated at this point by Islam.

“Three of our missionaries (pastor Stephan, pastor Samuel and evangelist James) are missing,” pastor Paul Ciniraj, the director of Bibles For Mideast, revealed on Tuesday.

Ciniraj reported the three men were admitted to a local hospital because of “a brutal attack by Islamic extremists” on the evening of Sunday, June 12th, as the three were returning from a prayer service.

Some men “jumped out on the pastors from a dark corner and brutally [beat] them with iron pipes. The attackers were shouting the slogans of Thakbir ‘allahu akbar,’ and telling themselves ‘kill them,’ when they were beating the pastors.” Ciniraj continued.

“Some people came by a bus [stop] … and saved them from the extremists and admitted [them to] the hospital,” he said.

Despite their serious injuries, the three asked to be discharged early on Monday because they suspected they were being stalked inside the health-care facility.

They told others they would be home in about 45 minutes and were getting into a “fake taxi,” which is one of the local taxis that are unlicensed and, therefore, not part of the system.

“But our pastors did not reach home. … We tried to get them by mobiles several times, but [there was no response],” Ciniraj said.

“We suspect they are kidnapped or abducted by [the] car driver himself with his friends who travelled as fellow passengers. We suspect they are terrorists. God knows,” he wrote.

  • Pray for these three Christians, for their protection and safety, and for them to be released unharmed to return to their hoes and families.
  • Pray for the families of the men, for peace to surround them and for the knowledge that they are held in the loving arms of God.
  • Pray for safety for Christians ministering in the Middle East. Pray that the light of their faith and witness will shine in the darkness and radiate the love of Christ in this troubled region.
  • Pray that, over this time of Ramadan, many Muslims across the Middle East will encounter Christ Jesus in life changing ways, and many will turn to follow Him as The Way,The Truth and The Life.

John 1 vs 4 – 5: “ In him was life,  and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.


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