Tibetan Buddhists

Tibet is one of the last nations on the earth to see a significant move of God. This is the result of many centuries of worshiping other gods from different religions, including Bönism and other forms of animism and shamanism.

In the 7th Century Tibet was plagued by demons. It was during this time that King Songsten Gampo subdued the main mountain demoness by pinning her to the earth through Buddhist temples. This was when Tibetan Buddhism was established.

Strategic Places

There are many places around the world that are important to Tibetan Buddhism. Many of these have temples and have become holy sites where people make a pilgrimage to. These places are strongholds of the enemy and we believe that as the people of God choose to unite together, to worship, fast and pray, we will see these strongholds brought down, nullifying the covenants re-established annually by Tibetan Buddhists.

We have seen how unity, worship and prayer have released powerful moves of God and outpourings of His Spirit in Malaysia, Nepal and Mongolia.

Now is the time for the Tibetan World!

Pray for a mighty work of God in 12 of the most strategic places for Buddhists:

  1. Kailash Mountain, Tibet
  2. Lhasa, Tibet
  3. Dharamsala, India
  4. Varanasi, India
  5. Labrang, China
  6. Guanyingqiao, China
  7. Amne Maqen, China
  8. Boddhanath, Nepal
  9. Tongren, China
  10. Serta, China
  11. Dege, China
  12. Murdo Mountain, China
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