Tibetan: release from the influences of the Spirit world

Pachen was causing her family some headaches. Pachen claimed it was she, the eight-year old girl who had the aches and pains, but those who cared for her were inclined to think that she was exaggerating.

Pachen lives at school from Monday to Friday every week … the New Year’s holidays were almost at an end, and Pachen’s symptoms had kicked back in with a vengeance. Her family delivered her to school anyhow … but that afternoon a relative called quite concerned about Pachen…

Pachen’s mother and grandmother sat together over the low family table discussing the situation … Pachen’s father called on the mobile phone from the big town on the other side of the mountain pass, where he works and lives much of the time, to add his thoughts to the mix. … Pachen’s grandfather returned home from work, and was briefed on the situation…

Pachen’s mother handed the old gentleman, the family head, a deck of well-worn playing cards … with some muttered prayers, Grandfather shuffled the cards. Eventually he pulled out a two of hearts. With a triumphant grunt, he put the card on display n the low family table. The women in the family nodded… the matter was decided.

I still don’t understand what happened that evening … The spirit world infiltrates every part of life in many traditional Tibetan homes. the decision concerning what to do about Pachen’s health issues were decided after inviting the spirits to give direction through the playing cards. Many similar stories about be told, with direction from the spirit world sought through a wide variety of means including omens, dreams and visions, holy relics and more.

Ask that the enemy’s hold through the spirit world on these people will be loosened.

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