Tibetans from the central area of Tibet

Lhasa is a special place for Tibetan Buddhists, because of its associations as the place where the Dalai Lama lived. It is actually the centre of Tibetan cosmology and so is a spiritually sensitive place, as well as one of great spiritual darkness. It is an area that has been extremely resistant to the gospel, and many Christians who work there feel the darkness of oppression.

This is an area that needs an outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God to bring a spiritual breakthrough. Some Christian workers have faced government opposition, but there is a vision to reach out coming from neighboring countries.

The greatest number of Tibetan refugees comes from this central area of the country.

Wait on God for a spiritual breakthrough. Pray scriptures proclaiming the reign and lordship of Christ over this nation. Bind the forces of darkness in the name of Jesus Christ. Cry out for a breakthrough until we see one.

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