Tunisia is a country of mixed cultural values. Islam and secularism both shape the minds and values of most Tunisians. Thanks to a strong and effective police force, peace and security reign, and millions of European tourists are welcomed each year. Islamists from neighbouring countries have made recent efforts to cause disruptions but have thankfully been thwarted.

It is relatively easy to talk with Tunisians about the Gospel, though many do not show interest in spiritual things. Some who have experienced healing and deliverance in the name of Christ acknowledge that Jesus has changed their lives, yet still do not commit their lives to him. Others profess faith and then do not commit themselves. There are shining examples of committed individual disciples, but few truly indigenous house churches.

There is a small national church, with a handful of recognised local leaders. The church is composed mostly of well educated people who are more westernised than the majority of the population. The vast majority of believers and Christian workers live in the capital of Tunis (population 2 million). There are few believers, few workers, and very few gatherings of believers outside the capital city. In recent times a few believers have established residency in least four new cities and provincial capitals which previously had little or no Christian presence. With so few believers in these regions, the role of media, and especially Arabic satellite TV programming is still important in reaching vast parts of the country.

* Pray for unity and trust among local believers.
* Pray for healthy marriages and strong families. Some young adult believers sometimes have difficulty finding mates.
* Pray for those who have experienced Christ in healings, dreams and deliverance to really commit their lives to him (Ephesians 5:11-20).
* Pray for effective discipleship of believers and ‘near’ believers (Mt. 28:20a). May the power of God and the truth of Christ to come to dominate and transform the lives of all believers (Colossians 1:28).
* Pray for more effective co-ordination and followup of media contacts (satellite, and radio broadcasts are done daily).
* Pray for wisdom for government leaders, especially in protecting the country from radical islamists (Romans 13:1-5).
* Pray for the undereducated and unemployed who are easily exploited and marginalised (Luke 6:20-21 and James 2:5).
* Pray for God to work in the new cities and towns that now have a resident witness for the first time in many years.

Source: http://www.30-days.net/muslims/muslims-in/north-african/tunisia/

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