Tunisia: Final stage of transition after the revolution

Tunisians go to the poll today to elect their President in what is considered the final stage of the transition of government following the revolution that started the Arab spring. parliamentary elections saw a swing against the Islamist party that had won the first election after the revolution. They failed to deliver, and people have reacted.

The election of the President is an important conclusion to these elections and will set the stage for the next phase of development in Tunisia. People are looking with hope for stability, economic and social development. They want a sense of the future.

Pray for this nation as it votes today, for peace in the process, for a just outcome, and for opposition to accept the result.

Pray for just government, for open doors and for the Church to be recognised and accepted in this land.

Pray for many Christian organisations facing questions about their presence there these days, for a good outcome that will see the church supported and strengthened to continue to witness there.

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