Carthage, Tunisia, was once one of the most influential cities for Christianity, and where the canon of the New Testament was accepted. But various wars and conquests eventually pushed Christianity aside in Tunisia and throughout northern Africa and the Middle East.

The people pushed leader Ben Ali out of the country in January 2011, bringing a revived hope and excitement for the country. Two years later, civil unrest continues and hopes are increasingly dimming.

A Christian worker in Tunisia, said, “People want to leave because they do not see hope here and have unrealistic ideas of what life would look like in the outside world.”

Unemployment has yet to improve in Tunisia, and as inflation continues to rise, Tunisian’s newfound freedom provides less contentment than desired.

Another Christian worker in Tunisia, said, “The problems in Tunisia are that the best and brightest do everything they can to leave and go somewhere else, most planning never to return.”

As despondency continues to spread in Tunisia, opportunities have presented themselves to spread a different message of freedom and hope. The story that was once accepted as divinely inspired in Carthage has reawakened in the uncertainty of the Arab Spring.

Source: http://www.commissionstories.com/eurasia/stories/view/christians-in-tunisia-pray-for-return-to-spiritual-roots

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