Turkey: Ignoring women’s needs

There are no women’s right’s in Islam; there are no women’s rights in most Muslim countries. And there is no freedom of expression in these countries; people have become virtually voiceless. If oppression of women in rooted in the culture, shouldn’t one be asking ‘what makes a culture that misogynous?

In just seven years, between 2002 and 2009, the rate of murdered women in Turkey has increased by 1400%. There are more than 181,000 child brides in Turkey.

When female lawyer and activist, 72 year old Canan Arin raised these figures and drew the startling conclusions on the state of women in Turkey she was accused of a crime, insulting religious values adopted by a post of society’. She must not speak out again in the next 3 years, or her punishment will be increased.

Women living under Islam genuinely need those who will fight to keep a space open for them, so that they can engage in advocacy for change. The fear of being labelled an Islamophobe, or bigot, should not silence the voice of God’s people standing with those who are most marginalised and crying for justice.

Pray for women in Turkey, for those who stand up to the system and cry out for change, for the Church in Turkey to become a voice for the voiceless, and for the global church not be afraid of political correctness and to be a voice for Kingdom of God change.

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