Turkish Christians in Paris

It is Friday again and Marna and I are looking forward to meet up with our Turkish Bible study group. Karam* and Ismael* has been a real source of blessing for us lately. They made Jesus the Lord and Master of their lives last year but, they are already so passionate about him that they started with their own Bible study group.

And now, late on a Friday night, in a living room heated by a wooden stove, here in one of the suburbs of Paris, I look with awe and wonder at the 12 Turkish believers gathered into the small living room. I am playing the guitar as I am leading them in worship, they stand with hands raised high, eyes closed, some of them have tears running down their cheeks…and they praise God…passionately.

Looking at them in that moment, I know God is alive and at work, these Turkish believers are living proof of how God is bringing many Muslims into a living relationship with Jesus – and the increase of converts in Western nations. Pray for leaders to be raised up in the 6 different Turkish Christian groups that I oversee all over France.


  • There is an increase of such testimonies in Europe. Pray for the protection of these new believers. Many of them are not just been thrown out of their families, but they also live in a foreign nation without few friends.
  • One major problem with these new converts is to find them and to slot them into churches.
  • An even bigger problem is for mature leaders to lead these new churches. Please pray for Spirit filled leaders that will be able to disciple new converts.

Source: M5- Pray for the Middle East 2016, http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/

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