United Arab Emirates

Oil is currency in the tiny but wealthy country of UAE. Their parliamentary leader seized the oil opportunity half a century ago. Once a poor confederation of seven emirates, this refocusing elevated UAE into a position of economic power. Although UAE holds conservative values, they embrace liberal policies for their people. Religiously, citizens are considered born Muslims and may not convert. Evangelism is not forbidden, but expatriates who do so face imprisonment and deportation. Indigenous Christians, however, face more extreme persecution.

Praise God that the different ethnic churches in the United Arab Emirates are praying frequently and learning to pray more as individual churches. There is also an increase in prayer houses and meetings (The Bible, Isaiah 56:7).

Pray that the ethnic churches would see an increase in dreams, visions, healings, and people coming to the Lord Jesus Christ (The Bible, Acts 2:17).
Pray against the human rights abuses that women face in the Emirates. Islamic law discriminates against women and allows domestic violence and abuse of women (The Bible, Ephesians 5:25).
Pray that as the UAE continues mega building projects, they will see their need for a Savior who gives them access into His Kingdom (The Bible, Matthew 19:23).

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