University staff and scholars in China

University staff and scholars are an often overlooked and relatively unreached group of people in China today. Professional advancement in the academic world is often linked to membership in the Communist Party, which officially forbids its party members from having any religious affiliations. Consequently, university teachers, staff and scholars often fear that any overt association with Christianity on their part could pose a threat to their careers. The small number who do come to faith tend, as a rule, to keep their public academic lives and their private Christian lives separate.

  • Pray for spiritual awakening among university faculty and staff in China
  • Pray for spiritual growth among believers and for God’s work in the lives of unbelieving spouses
  • Pray that Christian faculty members would have a good witness before their students and coworkers.
  • Pray that they might balance their work and family responsibilities well and have strong marriages and families.
  • Pray for God’s work among faculty members who are currently overseas. Pray that they would continue on in their faith when they return to China.
  • Pray that the churches and fellowship groups would be ready to reach out to these returnees
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