Watching television and meeting with God

Hussam was watching television the day before Easter when a powerful presence filled his room. In an instant he knew that the person he least expected had come to see him.Here is his story as he tells it:

“My name is Hussam and I am of Palestinian descent. I was raised a Muslim and I was taught the Koran and I strongly embraced Islam. I really believed with all my heart. I had surrendered everything to Islam. I believed it was true and that it was God’s way and that Mohammed was the last prophet.

I strived to be a faithful Muslim with all my heart and I was deeply convinced that this was the true way. A few times people tried to tell me about Jesus, but I refused to listen to them, and I said that I was a Muslim and that I did not believe in the Bible.
I would get very upset when I heard the words “God’s son” because I knew that in the Koran it says that God doesn’t have any sons, so this really offended me every time I heard it.

The evening before Easter I watched a program on TV and the host talked about Jesus and the Easter story and the resurrection. I can’t recall exactly what he said, but while he talked, God’s presence came over me very powerfully and it felt like Jesus stood right by my bed. He was really there, and I just knew it was him. I recognized him as God’s son. There was no doubt; I really knew that this was God’s son.

It was a very powerful experience. People had tried to tell me about Jesus but it never moved me. But this particular evening when I watched TV I just knew that Jesus was the way, the truth and the life, and now I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
I don’t say that I was a Muslim and became a Christian. I was dead and now I am alive. That is what happened to me, very literally.

When Jesus came I experienced that all that I had sought as a Muslim and not found, I found in Jesus. He literally quenched the thirst of my soul.

Pray for Christian satellite TV and its impact as it reaches out to many who might not otherwise access the good news.


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