Widows in Afghanistan

For years widows were a literally invisible group in Afghanistan society. Under the Taliban regime women were not allowed to leave their home without the escort of a man or an older son. If a woman lost her husband and son, then she had no way to leave the home to obtain food for herself and her children. Many would take a chance and leave anyway only to be shot by Taliban soldiers, leaving their children as orphans, or they would suffer in silence without anyone knowing their pain and struggle to survive.

Now a new freedom is emerging among the women, especially the widows. For the first time in many years, they are free to come out of the home and obtain food for their families. They are free to learn a trade or skill so they might be able to provide for themselves and not depend on international aid. A new day has dawned and thus a new face is emerging among these precious women. This is the time for them to learn what it means to be free in Christ. Though they have never known physical freedom, they can come to understand spiritual freedom!

Many Afghan women don’t know basic hygiene and suffer from medical illnesses without the means to care for themselves. Most are unable to read. Life has passed them by for many years, but now is the time to help them regain it and live it more abundantly in Him!

Prayer Points
  • For the workers who enable the widows of Afghanistan to support themselves.
  • That funds would be made available to establish micro enterprise loans for these women to establish small businesses.
  • For Christ’s name to be proclaimed among these women and that they would truly understand what it means to be free in Christ.
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