Women in Egypt: Victims of sexually based assaults

Sexual violence in Egypt has reached epidemic proportions, according to human rights campaigners, but there is little hope of justice for the victims. Sexual violence has long been a problem in Egypt, but mob assaults have increased dramatically since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

The epidemic of sexual violence is the dark side of the revolution.

A recent United Nations study suggested that nine out of 10 Egyptian women had experienced some form of sexual harassment.

Human rights campaigners describe current levels of sexual violence as “horrifying”.

Those who carry out sexual assaults may feel encouraged by ultra conservative clerics like Saad Arafat. The white-bearded cleric maintains that women who complain about harassment are bringing it on themselves. “I say to the women you are the cause and reason for this,” he said in a TV broadcast. “But I say you might have gone out unnecessarily, and therefore Allah set this wolfish devil upon you.” The TV channel which aired him comments now been shut down, but plenty here are ready to blame the victim.

For full story read BBC Report.

Pray for women, and for society that has few mechanisms to protect those who are abused and assaulted.

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