Women victims of honor crimes

The facts are startling.

Defining Honor Violence

Honor violence is violence against an individual who has ‘dishonored’ their family. Victims of honor violence are targeted because their behavior violates cultural or religious norms. The assailant feels that the only way to restore family honor is to harm or kill the victim. Victims are are shot, stoned, burned, buried alive, strangled, smothered, and stabbed in the name of restoring honor.

Why It Matters

Honor violence is a widespread phenomenon that represents the most horrific outcome of a patriarchal, honor-based society in which honor is considered more important than human life.45

Trends in Honor Killing

  • Honor violence is often premeditated and planned by several family members.
  • People who commit honor violence believe that their conduct is justified and receive support from their community.

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Pray for those women who have suffered crimes of violence in the name of honor to find identity and honor in the the Risen Christ this Easter.

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