Where are the Missing Women?

Some have been trafficked like commodities,

Some have been ripped of all dignity -they paid a huge price to be married.

Some have been beaten and silenced.

Some have been snuffed out even before they could see the light of day.

Some have been groped and raped and killed at the prime of their life.

Some are not counted – they live in the shadow of men or behind veils

Where are the missing women?

Why are their voices not heard in celebration and dance?

Why are they not free to choose?

Why are they not where decisions are made?

Why are they blamed even when they are the victims of rape and violence?

Why are they dispossessed of even the income they earn?

Why are they deprived of basic resources?

Why are they not affirmed and heard?

Why are they marginalised even in the church? 

Where are the missing Voices?

Why are the voices of those in positions of authority silent?

Why are those in places of advantage not stepping aside to make room?

Why is it after over a 100 International Women’s Day we are still afraid to call injustice, inequality, marginalisation – WRONG?


Inspire change, be the change, model the change, initiate the change, pray for change – speak out now for later may be too late!


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