Yemen: political instability

The president of Yemen, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, has appointed Khalid Bahah as his prime minister. The move was welcomed by Shia Houthi rebels, who brought down the previous government last month. It is hoped that the former UN envoy’s appointment will bring an end to Yemen’s political unrest.

Last week the rebels rejected the nomination of Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak for prime minister but suggested Mr Bahah as an alternative. The new prime minister hails from Hadramout in the east of the country. He studied business and administration in Yemen and India before being appointed as the country’s ambassador to Canada.

Yemen faces the spectre of civil war unless a solution is found to the ongoing stalemate over the formation of an acceptable government. While the political machinations go on, many are suffering with the deteriorating economic and social situation caused by prolonged unrest.

Pray for the Prime Minister, the President and for wise leadership for this trouble nation. Pray for the word of god to come forth strongly in these days.

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