Yemen: Threats to the presence of Christians

Yemen is an incredibly dangerous place for Christians. On 29 June, the government escalated its efforts to identify and arrest Christian workers and Muslim Background Believers (MBB). Heightened security at the Sanaa airport has virtually prevented escape for many. One missionary team there is requesting urgent prayer, saying, “At the moment (unnamed for security reasons) is number one on National Security and Al Qaeda hit lists to be eliminated from this world. They are in front of (unnamed for security reasons) house with several vehicles, weapons, etc.”

Although Christian workers face abduction, imprisonment, and possible death, MBBs usually face immediate death. For this reason, Christian workers are particularly concerned about new converts. The prayer request continues to say, “One of our team tortured for 33 days but has escaped and now safe but traumatized. Another four are also in danger, one an mbb. The situation in Sanaa is extremely critical. Communications are monitored like never before” [sic].

The situation is extremely dangerous at the moment as radical Muslims are ridding Yemen of Christians. However, this team is determined to stay in Yemen waiting for God to intervene in this country that desperately needs Him.

The nation of Yemen is number 10 on the 2014 Open Doors World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world.

Source: WIN Network

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